Solid Surface

Solid Surface is a matt white composite material that combines a premium feel with a timeless minimalism – ideal for Scandinavian interior design.
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Design with care

The mineral-based material has the appearance of white stone. The surface is matt with a softness that open up endless interior design possibilities. The easy-to-work material can be shaped into slender, expressive and gentle curves. Reflecting timeless Scandinavian design, these interior fittings complement both contemporary and traditional interior styles. A versatile and durable material with characteristics that give it a timeless elegance.
Another reason for choosing this material is that it creates a unique, elegant and exclusive look when combined with stainless steel fittings. The neutral, stone-like surface complements the distinctive metal finish and enhances the look of stainless steel. Together, they create a harmony that opens up new possibilities for combining materials and achieving unique design visions in bathroom interiors.
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Looking after Solid Surface

The surface is durable and easy to clean. Stains are easily removed with mild soap or detergent and a scouring pad. Any minor marks, scratches or discolouration can be polished out with a Solid Surface Polishing Pad as the material is homogeneous, non-porous and coloured all the way through. Interior details in Solid Surface therefore have excellent durability over time.
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