PVD- colouring of Stainless Steel

Physical Vapour Deposition is a modern and advanced method of colouring stainless steel. It creates a stylish, scratch-resistant surface that is up to ten times harder than a lacquered product. We have chosen the best technology for a high-quality finish that also enhances the brushed surface of the steel.
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Our PVD colours

Our stainless steel range with PVD finishes includes the very popular colours Sand, Amber and Shadow. These are unique metal colours with a timeless, traditional look that suits any style, from exclusive and romantic to industrial. The colours can be used to complement kitchen and bathroom fittings, or as eye-catching features that set the tone and enhance the overall impression.
The range also includes the exclusive by Primy series, in the ultra-matt colours Rust, Scrap and Coal. These finishes have been developed for, and approved by, architects who specialize in interior design. They have been carefully coordinated to evoke raw industrial materials that are often found together and harmonize with each other.

The PVD process

The finish is created through evaporation and ionization under vacuum. The colour actually penetrates the metal instead of just providing a surface coating. This means that no clearcoat finish is needed, which could gradually become dull or flake off. The result is a superior scratch-resistant and durable surface, which preserves the colour and shine without any unwanted patina.
PVD is one of the most sustainable finishing methods available and allows the creation of exclusive colours. Its many advantages make this technology an obvious choice for colouring stainless steel.


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