Stainless Steel

Stainless steel enables durable and aesthetically pleasing design that never goes out of fashion. This is a material that gives bathroom and kitchen fittings an entirely new look and a lasting touch of quality.

Decorate with stainless steel

Our interior fittings in stainless steel are designed from a Scandinavian perspective that combines contemporary with traditional. The timeless properties of stainless steel create a lasting sense of quality and modernity, regardless of style and trends. This is a highly durable material that lasts for up to 30 years and is also 100% recyclable. Our interiors are meant to stand the test of time – both in design and function.
Thanks to advanced PVD technology, our stainless steel range offers elegant metal colours and ultra-matt industrial shades. These colours complement each other and enable you to select a harmonious range of fittings for your home. A material with the perfect combination of durability, function and form.

Environmentally friendly

Stainless steel is completely free from lead and other toxic heavy metals. It does not contain any substances that are harmful to health or the environment. The smooth interior of our mixers prevents bacterial growth and the adhesion of contaminants. The exterior is very easy to clean and hence maintain its shine. These hygienic properties make stainless steel ideal for interior design in kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms.
The consideration we give to people and the environment makes us the natural choice for many architects, interior designers, and others who prioritize modern, sustainable and carefully designed interiors.
Mattsvart handfat och blandare